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Home Hosting Resellers


Did you know we also provide special services for IT based Resellers?


Our Resellers are all over Australia, love the quality and reliability of our professional grade web hosting and more particularly the exceptional web support services we provide for them.  If you have an IT or web related business, we’d like to extend that service to you.


We essentially have two types of Resellers: Space resellers and Account resellers.


Space Resellers buy space on our server and manage the sub-accounts themselves. Account Resellers order accounts for each of their customers; in both cases accounts can be administered from their main account without needing a separate password for each account.

We do the Systems Administration and advanced support required, while the reseller handles their web development and user support as appropriate for their business.  That way, you get to focus on the bits you love doing and let us handle the back-end systems administration.  Its a great option if you want to stop worrying about web and email services and start relying on them. If this is what you're up for, we’re the people to talk to!

Some examples of our resellers:

An IT company with 40 domains and 10 staff, has been with us for 6 years
An IT reseller in the Albury area with 65 users, has been with us for 6 years.  This company develops Joomla sites …

An IT company who has a block of space on our servers, also been with us 6 years...
A local web developer with 40 accounts, been with us for 4 years, specializes in sites for local businesses …
A graphic designer in northern NSW who prefers not to have to do the Systems admin work, has been with us for 2 years and referred 7 clients...


We have a solid history having been in this business for eight years.  Our Reseller clients come from a wide variety of industries and from around the country.  We specialize in offering friendly service and value for money.

We specialize in hosting Joomla and Wordpress sites securely and safely; with advanced security filtering in place to prevent the hassle of your customer sites getting hacked.

We work closely with our reseller team, providing advanced support that doesn't often occur in this industry.  One of our key resellers was away on holidays when an important site was hacked.  We tried to contact him but were unable, so as a result we just cleaned the site up and had it working again for him without him needing to interrupt his holiday.  On another occasion, a reseller hosted two Joomla sites, one with us, and a second site with another host that a customer forced him to use.  Two weeks later, the site on the second host was hacked while the site on our hosting ran without interruption.  You can save yourself a lot of time this way!  Like many things in life, you get what you pay for - we're proud to say that not many hosts in our industry provide this level of service.

We can offer your customers:

  1. a quality service at an affordable price,
  2. a strong focus on security so their sites wont be hacked,
  3. excellent backup of the accounts on the server, automatically rotated,
  4. an outstanding knowledge of the latest trends in the industry, and
  5. an impressive record of up-time (99.9%) over a long period.

 In effect, you're buying top grade hosting at middle of the road prices!

We can do this because we use quality servers, update them very regularly, and have qualified systems administrators on staff who know which systems to put in place to ensure the highest standards of reliability and security.

Being locally based, you can rest assured that your support needs can be met by someone who speaks your language, and with good humour, and who knows what they're talking about (or can find out quickly).

We know we can give you something special. For further info email us (Link) or call and speak to our team – Haleemon, Slade, or the boss Brian on 1300 760 850.

See our blog for more information on the difference quality web hosting can make for your IT business, and check out the other related articles there.