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Web Design - Web Development

Want to create a website?

Web development is the creation of a website (sometimes also referred to as web page). We have a range of web development solutions that will allow you to create a website that fits your specific needs, from small to larger websites including eCommerce. WordPress is a content management system which means that you can create, edit, and manage your site with ease. We do the work for you to get your website set up and then provide you with the tools to maintain it. We are based in Melbourne (Clifton Hill) Australia so pop on down and we'll shout you a coffee while we discuss your business needs.


WordPress is the CMS system we use. It is an industry standard open-source package with many thousands of users worldwide, and full source is supplied with the implementation. In addition, White Dog Green Frog pays attention to the detail in many little areas that would otherwise cause problems over time, for instance, spam-proofing, security hardening, backups, and a number of other things that can become maintenance nightmares (and expensive) if not handled appropriately up front.


Basic Websites - Small Business

This is a small business option that enables greater choice in graphic design while still being template based. It includes up to 10 pages and basic SEO (Google optimization). It also allows for “add-ons” including: galleries, blogs, newsletter/mailing lists, calendars, secure areas, and a full SEO work over for the new site. Note that a contact form of up to 10 validated fields is included as standard. The reason for the price variation is that we custom quote all sites based on what people are asking for.


Custom Websites

These sites are fully customised to your precise specifications. They involve graphic designers and programmers working together to produce a very high level of graphic professionalism which sends site visitors the message that this is a serious business. They take the website template site up to a much higher level and require a higher degree of expertise to execute them. Once complete however you still have access to manage your content. This “CMS” (“Content Managed System”) allows you to update the pages yourself with a very low risk of damaging the look of the site. The pages can be changed through your normal web browser over a good speed internet connection with no need for special software and with very little training required (which incidently we provide through a simple "plain English" manual with pictures, as well as passwords etc). The business advantage is that it makes it very easy to keep your webpages accurate and up to date, without recourse to a developer except for some images and the page framework.


The difference?

The difference between the above options is essentially in the amount of time invested in getting the site completed. The Basic Website takes up to 15 hours with a higher level of design and image customization. The Custom Websites generally involves over a hundred hours and 7-10 people who work on the site at various stages of delivery, the visual look is completely custom-built; and the difference is clear in both visual quality and in the way the site works. The biggest advantage is that the basic framework is the same across all packages so you are able to expand your website as your business grows by adding additional features over time. For example, when you're ready to communicate with your customers, you might want to add a newsletter. You don't have to buy it before you need it. It is a relatively simple addon compared to redesigning the entire site!