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Web Site Hosting & Web Development in Melbourne

Our Mission


White Dog Green Frog is committed to providing quality web hosting and web development to our clients at affordable prices.



History of White Dog Green Frog


White Dog Green Frog is a web hosting and web development company in Melbourne that was formed after we saw a need for quality web hosting that people could afford - it’s all fine if you are a corporate giant, but what about the rest of us out there! After providing web hosting for 2 years as a part-time business back in 2002, we have seen an explosion in people wanting web hosting that they could afford, and so in 2004, we decided that we could provide quality web hosting on a full-time basis and for the past 5 years have done just that! And we truly believe that we're delivering on that claim because of what you, our happy customers, tell us about our service.


But I hear you ask, how do they offer quality web hosting for the price? Great question! We work hard to save your money! We operate an efficient system that is dedicated to delivering the best possible service at the best possible price with no frills. We save your money in other ways - by highly automating our services, by proactive monitoring, by having good documentation available for you on our website, and so on.

Affordable we may be, but we do take our web hosting very seriously - our servers are housed in premium data centres in both the United States and Australia with redundant feeds to the outside world, fire suppression systems and staff on duty 24 hours a day to make sure that your experience is always a good one. All of our servers are Linux based, well known to be one of the most stable operating environments, less susceptible to virus/worm attacks which all adds up to excellent up-time — meaning your website will be there when people want to see it.

The reason that we host in the States is that bandwidth (data transfer) is much cheaper, enabling us to offer you much better prices, and after all that is what White Dog Green Frog is all about, excellent service at affordable prices.

We have a policy of honesty, we want you to know exactly what you will get before you buy, no surprises later, no bulldust, just the facts. We offer a simple up-front service, we don't host everything and we are not suitable for everyone either, so before you sign up with us as your web hosting provider, have a look at our terms & conditions page.

We always want to know what you think of us: how your experience was, how we could improve ourselves, packages that you would like to see more of, and even the bad stuff because if we don't know, how can we fix it!



Where do we hang out?


White Dog Green Frog is a web hosting and web development company based in Melbourne Australia. Our office is in Collingwood (right next to the city centre), we'd love you to drop in, and if you spend enough we might even offer you a coffee or tea. In fact, you can grab one of our great packages by dropping in if you prefer the personal touch, and if you are stuck we would love to show you how to get the best out of your package, the free 1 on 1 10 minute tutorial to get you started quickly.



Where did the name come from?


It all happened early one morning when I (Brian) was in the kitchen at home making a cup of tea and some toast. I heard a noise behind me and there was my dog, my white dog, and yes she was holding a green frog in her mouth wagging her tail and wanting me to share in the excitement of the moment. Now at this point it should be made clear that the green frog was a stuffed toy frog purchased from an opp shop, and now slightly worse for wear! So I turned around and looked at her and said, "there's a little white dog with a green frog" and that's where it all started, one cold Melbourne morning!